Reception Honors Ms. J

Vicki Beaty

Jan 3, 2022

Reception honors Ms. J

The last item of business for Moravia Schools before Christmas vacation began was a reception for longtime educator and Moravia native Sally Johnson, know to one and all Ms. J. Co-workers, family members, former students, and a few surprise guests stopped by to leave a card, say a few words, share refreshments, and reminisce. The school presented her with a clock made by Engle Design Co., the staff gave her a bouquet of gift cards, and the M Club's gift was a suitcase. Principal Kevin Cochran compiled a video featuring students talking about Ms. J and thanking her, along with some photos of her doing what she loved most - teaching and working with students and student athletes. Her retirement, which comes at the end of a 44 1/2 year career, is effective on New Year's Eve.